Why your business needs an adjustable racking system

4 April 2023

As a business owner, you are faced with the difficult task of selecting the right type of storage solution for your organization. The bottom line is that each warehouse racking system is completely different, just as each warehouse and each business is unique. Ranging from steel production to aerospace materials handling, all industries need a racking system that is tailored to them.

At Roll Out Racks, we are constantly developing innovative solutions to satisfy all our valued customers. The majority of our type of racks are modular and flexible and can be adjusted to meet your changing needs. In this article, you will discover the importance of having adjustable racks and all the benefits it can bring to your company.

Cantilever Rack

Roll out cantilever rackThe Cantilever racks are commonly used to pick and store long, bulky or irregularly shaped items, such as iron bars, pipes and raw materials. The biggest advantage is that you can free up to 50% of your valuable floor space with this racking system. This is a very effective solution for the unused overhead space.

All drawers open completely, providing full access to materials and easy access. Employees will no longer have to search the floor or an hazardous pile to find the product they need, increasing both time efficiency and safety.

The Roll Out Cantilever Rack system is adjustable at every 3 inches of spacing, making it possible for you to customize your layout as necessary.

Additional adjustments include:

  • Adjusting the level of the arms
  • Add or remove arms
  • Increase the height of the racks
  • Upgrade a single unit to a double unit without losing any parts.
  • Quickly add additional columns for longer materials
  • Adjustable divider pins
  • Custom configuration is possible

Honeycomb rack

Industrial rack with square space to fit long materialThe Honeycomb racking system offers immediate access and is the perfect solution for the efficient storage of tubes, bars and flat bars. Fully customized and adjustable for each application, the honeycomb racking is designed with a modular construction. They can be loaded easily and quickly with a mobile cart. Material can be placed on any level at any given time and can be expanded based on demand.

Additional adjustments include:

  • Option to add a mezzanine at the top
  • Variety of options: 6-8-10-12 inches high but can be fully customized upon request
  • Adjustable width and height of the slot
  • Custom configuration is possible

Sheet Racks

Industrial roll out sheet rackThe Roll Out sheet rack is mainly used to store heavy duty sheet material with a capacity of 5000 lbs for high density goods. This allows you to optimize floor and vertical space, improve efficiency and provide a safe working environment.

This system allows you to Maximize your space for other productive purposes such as circulation and work space. They can be redesigned and reused as your business needs change. You never have to abandon or rebuild our units to reconfigure them as your goals and objectives evolve.

Additional adjustments include:

  • Adjustable spacing between drawers in 3″ increments
  • Variety of drawers up to 13 per rack unit
  • 7 models to choose from: 4’ x 4’ to 12’ x 6’ (width by depth)
  • Add, remove and redesign drawers
  • Custom configuration is possible.

No matter what industry you work in, such as sheet metal storage, weapons storage, consumer electronics, industrial manufacturing, automotive or any other field, our products are the solution you need.

Many buyers have improved their company’s overall performance with these adjustable storage systems. This allows you to store materials and process orders much more quickly and safely. We offer a wide variety of high quality racks that can be customized as well to meet all your storage and handling needs.

Are you interested in learning more about our products or receiving a quote? Contact us today, our specialists are at your disposal to answer all your questions. Discover how our innovative racks can make a significant difference in your workplace.

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