How warehouse storage management can optimize your workforce

25 April 2023

A warehouse, factory or distribution center has many elements that ensure successful business operations. Each of these components requires skilled workers in a variety of different occupations, to ensure the proper functioning of the facility. From pickers to packers to drivers to assemblers, a warehouse workforce is incredibly versatile. When there is a labor shortage, the impact is felt across the company, and even with customers.

Today, warehouses often experience high turnover rates due to the large number of competitors fighting for top talent. Therefore, it is important for any warehouse manager to take the necessary steps to enhance employee engagement. In this article, you will discover the importance of proper warehouse management and how it can maximize your workforce.

A group of happy multiethnic warehouse workers cheering

Tips and methods for properly managing warehouse employees to make a positive impact on your business 

A warehouse facility will always need workers, regardless of how automated it is. 

Follow these steps to improve your retention rates:

  • Maintain your warehouse clean, organized and most important safe for workers;
  • Establish ergonomic workstations and equipment;
  • Offer a competitive wage and benefits package;
  • Provide continuous training and ongoing support;
  • Continue to maintain flexible work hours;
  • Provide training for workers to be flexible, so they can do more than one specific task,
  • Listen to your workforce and be responsive to their ideas and feedback.


A hand with a notepad coming out of a messy pile of boxes in a warehouse environment

Warehouse management mistakes and how to avoid them

Continue reading to discover the most common warehouse management mistakes you should avoid at all costs. By following the advice below, you will promote a safer and more efficient work environment for your employees and business.

Insufficient storage space

Lack of space can be the root cause of many problems, such as inefficient storage of inventory and damage to items due to lack of space. Overcrowded spaces can result in uncomfortable working conditions for employees.

Always make sure you have enough space in your warehouse. You can do this by adding an innovative rack system or pallet racking

The key is to plan for growth by anticipating your future space and manpower needs. That’s why we recommend modular racking systems that can be tailored to your business needs.

Inadequate organization

If not properly organized, your warehouse will be less efficient. Warehouse storage management can help maximize the use of space. 

In addition to a significant improvement in the time and effort required to locate, retrieve and store goods, your staff can become more productive and operate efficiently.

Failure to optimize storage space

Depending on the size of your warehouse, you may run out of storage space if you don’t use the right storage solutions. You may also lose track of your inventory if you don’t maximize your storage capacity. 

Take advantage of floor space and vertical space. You can do this by using rack and pallet equipment such as roll out cantilevers or vertical sheet racks.

Absence of regular inspections

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make and can lead to equipment failure, and possible employee work injuries. 

Ensure that you perform regular inspections of the racks by designating a staff member responsible for routine inspections and keep a record of these inspections.

Increased labor costs

Poor storage conditions can increase your company’s operational costs. 

Properly organized storage reduces labor costs by minimizing the time tracking, effort and personnel required to receive, pick, pack and ship products. The right racking system also reduces the number of employees needed to complete a task. 

Neglect employee safety

Proper warehousing can provide a more structured and organized work environment, which can help improve the safety of warehouse staff. It can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, reduce health-related costs and improve employee morale. 

For example, it can be quite challenging to safely store and retrieve iron bars, pipes and raw materials. To increase the level of safety and avoid having materials left on the floor, we have developed a racking system that allows for safe storage.

As a result, implementing good warehouse storage management practices can help optimize your workforce management by:

  • Improving efficiency;
  • Streamlining operations;
  • Reducing labor costs;
  • Improving safety conditions;
  • Increasing customer experience.

Whether you’re looking to improve customer satisfaction or optimize your workforce, don’t hesitate to call Roll Out Racks for a racking solution that meets all your business needs.

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