PVC Pipe Storage and Racking Solutions for the Plastic Industry

30 May 2023

As a manufacturer or distributor in the plastic industry, you most likely understand the challenges of storing PVC pipes, tubing or sheet metal and preparing raw materials in a safe and efficient manner. In a lot of cases, storing long materials means leaning them against walls or stacking them on the floor, making it difficult for workers to find what they need. This also greatly increases the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.

That is why we are fully dedicated to manufacturing flexible and modular industrial roll out storage solutions for a variety of industries and business needs! In this article, we will cover the different advantages of implementing our racking and storage products in your warehouses or factories.

Blue cantilever rack and honeycomb rack

Efficient Use of Space

One of the main advantages of solutions such as our Roll Out Cantilever Rack or Honeycomb Rack, is that they allow you to free up floor space while making the most of available vertical space. Materials removed from floor space, such as long materials like PVC piping or tubing can be stored in a system of drawers or slots that are easily accessible for all types of handling. This allows your employees to improve productivity and efficiency in a remarkable manner. 

Adjustable Arms, Drawers and Slots

Most of our PVC pipe storage solutions offer adjustable arms, drawers or slots, allowing you to customize the installation to your specific needs. Since it’s easy to add or remove drawers, adjust the height of the arms and slots or change the current configuration to accommodate more material, our racking systems offer better inventory control, improve the level of organization in your work environment and reduce the amount of storage space required. 

Large Weight Capacity

Another advantage of Roll Out Racks systems is that they offer a large load capacity per level. This means you can easily store heavy materials without compromising on safety. Systems such as the Roll Out Cantilever Rack or Honeycomb Rack are designed to handle long, heavy materials that can’t fit on regular storage solutions such as pallet racks or shelves. While PVC tubing storage specifically may not require a large weight capacity, you will never need to worry about overloading your racks. 

Time Optimization and Improved Safety

Effective storage solutions play a crucial role and lead to enhanced efficiency and improved safety within warehouses and factories. By optimizing storage systems, it’s possible to significantly streamline operations and maximize productivity. Well-organized storage spaces ensure easy accessibility to materials, reducing the time spent searching for specific items and minimizing potential delays. This not only speeds up processes but also minimizes the risk of accidents caused by clutter or disorganization.

Industrial roll out storage systems can offer several valuable benefits to manufacturers and distributors in a variety of industries, including PVC piping and plastic transformation. They are an excellent storage solution that can increase efficiency, productivity and safety while reducing storage space and handling time.

Invest in our racking system today and see the benefits for yourself.

View of the insides of plastic tubes

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