Industrial shelving:
The latest innovations

7 December 2022

As all industries are changing and evolving, warehousing is more important than ever to keep your business operations running efficiently. 

There are many goods that need to be transported to stores. Whether by package or other means, and are destined for business partners and consumers. These supplies, whether in boxes, on pallets or individually, are stored in industrial warehouses. These types of locations can quickly become cluttered and disorganized. 

To overcome this new reality, there are several innovations that are newly available on the market. These racking solutions allow to improve the organization of the premises, while providing optimal efficiency. 

Modular storage solutions

In a world where new technologies are now part of our daily lives. It is not a surprise to find that the volume of online orders is increasing significantly.

 The access to retail businesses through their website supports this ever increasing demand.  To maintain this growth, it is necessary for these businesses to reorganize storage space. Above all, it’s easy to find the items you need and in a timely manner.

Modular storage system solutions such as those offered by Roll Out Racks allow you to customize your warehouse in countless ways. From our cantilever racking to the other racks in our inventory, these are products that are designed to :

  • Maximize the work space 
  • Store materials in a safe way
  • Save floor space
  • Repurpose the space you save for greater efficiency 
  • Maintain the security of the warehouse or work area

These products represent a real industrial revolution, as they have features that meet the needs of businesses. Both modular and mobile, these industrial innovations help solve major challenges in terms of storage space and warehouse layout. 

Among the reasons why these shelving units are so popular is because of their flexibility. For example, it is easy to move the height of each shelf according to the materials or the size of the objects they hold. 

For more information on the best solution for your business, please contact our team. Our shelving and racking are designed to answer your storage needs. No matter the sector of activity in which you operate, you will certainly benefit from our products !

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