Improve warehouse storage with an innovative racking system

22 February 2023

As a proud manufacturer of industrial racking, Roll Out Racks provides efficient and cost-effective warehouse storage solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. As a result, we offer a wide range of products, including standard and custom designed racks, which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of customers in any industry.

Did you know that integrating a warehouse racking system in a storage facility is a highly effective way to optimize time, floor space and the placement of products? By leveraging vertical space, companies are able to store more products in a smaller space, thus liberating valuable floor space for other purposes. The flexibility enables businesses to quickly adapt their storage solutions to meet evolving needs or conditions.

In fact, this is exactly the objective of Acier Ménard & Simmons, a company specialized in steel distribution. The company was well aware of its needs and contacted Roll Out Racks to reduce the time required to prepare orders and to maximize the space dedicated to the storage of products. The roll out cantilever storage racks system has allowed the company to improve and increase the efficiency of its warehouse.

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Roll Out Rack: The solution to your storage needs?

Saving time and space

The new type of rack system implemented for Acier Ménard & Simmons has made it possible to save time and improve order preparation. Maximize warehouse space to store more products and facilitate the handling of equipment. This solution gave the company a significant competitive advantage, as the heavy duty roll out shelving provides easy access to all inventory within minutes. The majority of companies in the industrial sector still use old warehousing practices and equipment, which is particularly detrimental to the productivity of their teams.

Prior to the integration of the Roll Out Racks, the company used traditional storage system methods, which consisted of stacking products on top of each other on the floor. Products were often damaged or lost, and it required a significant investment in material handling. The decision to switch to a pallet rack system has saved the company valuable time in storing sheet metal and other steel goods. More importantly, it has improved the safety and security of its products and employees. The excessive use of forklifts to store materials is now a thing of the past!

Increased efficiency and enhanced business operations

By choosing Roll Out Racks, the company has not only improved its efficiency, but has also reduced the time it takes to prepare orders. As a result, the distributor is able to fill orders faster and deliver them to its customers within a shorter time frame.

This increase in density storage capacity is particularly beneficial to the company during peak periods or when it is difficult to find enough space to store all its products. The integration of shelving represents a very positive return on investment for Acier Ménard & Simmons, enabling it to improve its daily operations.

Blue cantilever rack and honeycomb rack

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