How to optimize the traffic flow in your company

9 August 2022

You want to improve the traffic control in your warehouse? Many accidents are caused by moving around in a factory. 

Regardless of the type or size of your company, it is possible to establish an action plan. To optimize the various movements and prevent accidents. In addition to improving storage space. Various products such as our honeycomb racks  allow for optimal use of available space and therefore, a more spacious movement area. 

Make a complete diagnosis of the current circulation and storage space.

There are two categories of circulation optimization: the different types of movements and the methods of organizing storage spaces. Analyzing these two aspects will allow you to implement concrete actions intended to optimize your movements.

Safety walking lane in an industrial building

Establish a circulation plan

A warehouse traffic management plan is the first step to optimize the circulation of your warehouse. It is essential to analyze the different elements to be considered. To determine the full picture of all the movements that are made on a daily basis. Here are some aspects to keep in mind: 

The movement of the workforce

  • The entrance and exit of the staff and visitors
  • The different movements between workstations 
  • The movements to go to the auxiliary rooms (locker room, infirmary, etc.)
  • The machinery operated by the personnel circulating in the movement area

The movement of products  

  • The entry of raw materials into the building
  • The entry of products related to administration, maintenance, catering, etc. 
  • The movement of materials and moving supplies between workshops 
  • The exit of the final products and waste products  

The analysis of all the movements enables the implementation of actions aimed at optimizing traffic, while reducing the risks of incidents. 

Determine the time period of circulation.  

Establishing a warehouse movement plan allows you to determine the real time and travel time when traffic is increased. Identifying multiple crossing areas is critical. The goal is to avoid them as thoroughly as possible.   

Notifying the employees is a necessary practice in order to reduce the risk of work-related accidents. They will be more vigilant to the movements of the different workers during the busier periods. 

Review current storage space 

The purpose of this step is to determine if storage space can be reduced and optimally restructured. By rearranging the storage areas, the circulation will be significantly improved. 

The overall surface area, the distance between storage heights, the spacing between columns and entrance doors are elements to be verified. 

Implementation of solutions 

The analysis of the different circulation concepts allows the development of concrete solutions, guaranteeing an optimization of the movement space. The following are preventive measures and actions to be taken within the company.

Back view of a person walking between two industrial racking with data showing

Separate the pedestrians and the vehicles  

To define the pedestrian area and the transportation tools is a priority in the safety protocol of all businesses. An accident between these two parties is always accompanied by severe injuries. By enhancing the safety of your employees, you optimize the circulation in your warehouses. Several tools are available to help facilitate internal circulation.

Physical barriers offer the best guarantee for safe working. This type of installation forces the pedestrians to stop before crossing a high-risk area. Depending on the traffic areas, your company can take different actions to optimize the movement of people. This will reduce the risks involved. 

Improve the visual signals 

Visual signage is essential to guide pedestrian and light vehicle traffic. This can include customized signs, light signals and floor markings. The placement of these signs highlights hazardous areas, increasing the attention of employees. 

A less common but equally effective practice is the use of convex mirrors. These tools allow for enhanced visibility in vehicles and pedestrians circulation situations. This type of mirror can be installed at the intersections, the extremities and the emergency exits. An effective tool in all types of situations.

Remove the crossing of traffic flows

Removing traffic intersections will greatly reduce the occurrence of issues. When possible, the creation of a one-way street is a practice to be encouraged in compliance with the traffic regulations. The Collisions will be avoided and traffic flow management optimized! 

Optimize storage space

Optimizing storage space also makes it easier to navigate. The use of specialized shelving, such as the ones offered by Roll Out Racks. This allows for greater floor space, allowing employees to move around more freely.  Forklift transportation to other equipment is also made easier. 

Our specialized racks are modular: they can be adapted to all types of stored equipment, according to your needs. They reduce the chances of injury, since handling raw materials is safer and more convenient. 

Our shelves are durable and timeless. The use of these shelves brings many benefits in terms of circulation and storage space. They also lead to increased security. 

Safety: the key to optimization 

Caution within your warehouse is the key to the success of traffic optimization. This starts with the safety and health of your employees. Optimizing warehouse space is another important aspect to consider. The implementation of a thoughtful solution will ensure maximum optimization of movement in designated areas. 

As you would expect, specialized space optimization shelving is useful for improving safety and space availability. To set up an optimized warehouse, contact our company, specialized in the manufacturing of this type of storage structure.

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