Why Choose Cantilever Roll Out Racking for Steel Storage?

2 July 2024

Steel is the primary material in countless industries, but storing long and heavy steel can be a challenge. Traditional racks are not suitable for storing barres, tubes and steel angles, especially in facilities that use bridge cranes. Moreover, steel’s weight and size can cause safety hazards and make it difficult to manage with traditional storage solutions.

This is where cantilever racking systems with their roll-out functionality come in. Designed to seamlessly integrate with bridge cranes, they can reduce handling time up by up to 80% and reduce storage area by 50%. Discover how Roll Out cantilever racking can transform your storage operations by integrating with your existing bridge crane.

Enhancing Steel Storage Systems with Cantilever Racks and Bridge Cranes

Manufacturing facilities that use bridge cranes can benefit from the integration of Roll Out cantilever racks. These racks maximize storage capacity and enhance the functionality of bridge cranes. Thus offering significant advantages over traditional racking systems that rely on lift trucks.

Seamless Integration with Bridge Cranes

Traditional racking systems often require the use of lift trucks to reach materials, which can be time-consuming. Roll Out cantilever racks simplify this process by bringing items to a convenient position for the crane to pick.

Unlike traditional racking that relies on lift trucks, roll-out cantilever racks can work in tandem with bridge cranes. The roll-out feature extends shelves outwards, granting unobstructed access for the crane to lift and move materials. This eliminates the need for lift trucks, minimizing downtime and streamlining material handling.

Enhanced Access and Safety

Roll Out cantilever racks reduce the risk of worker injuries by eliminating the need for lift trucks and manual handling of steel. They are able to integrate with bridge cranes for effortless access to long, heavy or oddly shaped items. Eliminate lift trucks and manual handling for enhanced safety and a more streamlined workflow environment. Made from heavy duty steel, these racks are highly resistant and can handle heavy loads.

Optimized Space Utilization

Manufacturing facilities regularly face the challenge of optimizing space while maintaining reachability. Traditional racking with lift trucks requires wide aisles for maneuvering, taking away valuable storage and floor space.

Roll Out Cantilever racking systems, on the other hand, take advantage of vertical space. Single sided or double-sided configurations cater to your specific needs, ensuring even high-level storage remains readily accessible to the bridge crane.

Improved Workflow and Productivity

Efficient material handling is crucial for maintaining a smooth workflow in manufacturing. Roll Out cantilever racks enable quick and easy access to materials, reducing the time spent on retrieving stored items.

This improved access, combined with the capabilities of bridge cranes, leads to a more streamlined and productive workflow. By minimizing delays and enhancing efficiency, these systems contribute to higher overall productivity in the manufacturing process.

Minimized Product Damage

Handling products with lift trucks can often lead to damages caused by maneuvering challenges and limited visibility. Roll Out cantilever racks and bridge cranes offer gentle retrieval and precise handling, reducing steel product damage. Adjustable arms secure items of all sizes, ensuring quality and efficiency throughout storage.


By choosing Roll Out cantilever racking systems, you’re making a strategic move that complements your existing bridge crane infrastructure. These systems offer a multitude of benefits over traditional racking, leading to a more efficient, productive, and safer manufacturing environment. Unlock the full potential of your bridge cranes for optimal steel storage by picking a Roll Out cantilever rack. Contact one of our specialists today to learn more about cantilever racking and order yours.

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